Isle était une fois
Restoring and conserving antique furniture and woodwork
“Together, let's draw out the history of the objects around us...”

Restoration, if we wish to carry it out according to tradition, has to be done with the greatest respect for the object. It's more than just a profession – it's a vocation, a philosophy and a state of mind.

Every piece of furniture entrusted to me is of great value to its owner, whether this value is sentimental or financial. From the moment it's in my care, my aim is to allow the piece to live on and continue its history in perfect harmony with the ethics of my profession.

In other words, I use the techniques specific to each piece of furniture and each period so that it remains authentic. A successful restoration is a restoration can't be seen!

For me, a piece of furniture is far more than an object; it has a soul which I would not dream of changing as it bears the stamp of its original designer and is testimony to the meticulous work of our ancestors.

Respect, humility, technical skill, precision, the ability to adapt and passion are the driving forces behind every successful restoration.

Whether for marquetry, veneer, solid wood furniture or antique woodwork (doors, windows, stairs, works of art, etc.), all my skills and experience are at your service to conserve this heritage.